Safe From Bullies
“People were coming up to me and asking me if I was a lesbian, when clearly I'm not. Even when I told them ‘no’ they would tell others that I was a lesbian and say that I'm a freak and a weirdo for reading Manga. Every little comment I say on any subject they would use it against me to make it sound wrong.”

ECOT Student
Sandusky, Ohio
“My experiences with bullying were almost terrifying. I got bullied every day for being a not fat but average girl. I was the only one who got picked on. I can never really make you understand what I felt. It was horrid. I was called fat everyday. I got hit all the time. I was in 6th grade twice. I started with ECOT last year. So, I don’t get bullied any longer. I am proud to be at ECOT.”

ECOT Student
Conneaut, Ohio